Faculty Training Programme on Honing Research Publications Skills

The programme was attended by twenty participants from colleges across the different states of India and twenty four faculties from different constituent Institutes of Nirma University. The focus of the programme was: how to carry out literature review for effective research; organization of research manuscript; preparation of manuscript; use of manuscript writing tools like LaTex, MS Word, Mendeley desktop, plagiarism check, Shodhganga, etc. Consequently, the programme included sessions like: publish, publicise or perish; effective communication and presentation of research; improving quality of research papers using ICT tools; role of scopus in research and publication; scientometric analysis of publication and citation; role and use of statistics for writing and improving quality of research papers; what is plagiarism and how to avoid it?; managing reference using reference management tools. The sessions were conducted by experts from GE India Technology Centre, Benagarulu; IIT Bombay; INFLIBNET, Gandhinagar; IIT Gandhinagar and Nirma University.